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A new song!!! Actually, the first of several new songs. This one is dreamy and slow and you can download it for free:

Not the Stars (5mb) "it's not the stars you know, it's the dark in between that glows"

D-lo from 'Heart Beats Broken':

1. shopping 02:46 (2.5MB)-- 'I wanna go shopping with you, 'cause that's what girls do'

2. 'dear you' (3.4MB)- old school lip rock

3. 'sorry so small' (2.8MB)-- "you wear the makeup, I wear the dirt crown..."

4. last night for you (3.6MB) "I cried last night for you, not for the first time, but for the last time... "

5. leave the sky (4.6MB) -- "stars leave the sky when you walk by..."

6. wish you were here (4.4 MB) -- "nothing has changed, people still stare..."

7. equation (2.7MB) - "this is my equation for you, a love song of ones and twos..."

8. crashing like cars (3.4 MB) - "we're crashing like cars, burning up like superstars..."

9. 'like the sun' (4.6MB)-- "you're like the sun, never around when I need you..."

10 raining out "you don't like the weather, say it gets in your eyes so if you show I know you'll stay awhile... "

D-lo from 'this is not a love song':

1. longway 02:37 (2.3MB)

2. never thought 02:48 (2.5MB)

3. everyday smile 03:16 (2.9MB)

4. the sound 02:55 (2.6MB)

5. rosaries 02:17 (2.1MB)

6. car outside 04:48 (4.4MB)

D-lo from 'unreleased':

bring me back ©1998 lipkandy (3.4 MB) -- recorded in 1998 with drummer Jonathan Midkiff.

not your girl ©1998 lipkandy -- again, with drummer, Jonathan Midkiff.

All songs © lipkandy 1998 - 2006.