Girlpunk - THE site for the best in grrl punk.

The Syndicate -- very cool, very political feminist queer band from NYC. we knew Louisa back when we were all teeny, tiny riot grrrls. :) go support the Syndicate on their summer tour!!!

Church of Girl Radio -- the best of grrl music online. -- Sarah Scalper's site devoted to all things grrlpunk. we can't say enough about Sarah. she puts together rocking grrlpunk shows in Jersey, maintains her own site and, well, we have the biggest crush on this grrl. if every town had a sarah scalper the world would be a much nicer place *sigh* -- the clearinghouse for all things ladyfest. -- very cool site and resource for all you lovely grrls who love to beat on things.

Blogs/LiveJournals: - Brazilian, all in Portuguese, baby. - the chicks of Hollowtown rock! again with the Portuguese. - natalie writes about life, lyrics, music. - one chick in Ohio against the world. another natalie.

Grrl stuff/resources kind of a grrl-powered search engine/resource. great local show listings. -- just found this (thanks to brian on the queerpunk mailing list) incredible site dedicated to a REAL riot grrl documentary. footage from sleater-kinney's first show ever, really early bikini kill. kerri deserves some major props!!! if sites had lips we would kiss this one :) —with the amazing grrl-powered search engine, girl wide web -- DIY resource and community center for grrls who like to make stuff -- cool site for European riot grrls w/lists of shows annd message boards. a self-defense site. stop in and buy a comp w/music by the gossip, the need, etc. to support this incredible organization an intelligent, articulate feminist response to mainstream media.

DIY: — the legendary do-it-yourself guide that launched a thousand indie bands and labels. -- more about the mechanics guide with links to distro, promotions, labels, etc.

Zines: -- very cool online zine and resource includes interviews with the butchies, le tigre, etc. -- one of the coolest zines in the world. interviews with the gossip, le tigre, etc. -- reviews of North State, lipkandy and more.

Distros: — very cool distro. great grrrl music, zines, etc., -- Independent Thought Brigade distro -- zines and music including hard-to-find 7"s. -- the world famous zine distro online


Busy Beaver -- Busy Beaver rocks! great-looking buttons cheap, cheap, cheap! and they're just so darn easy to work with. we really can't say enough about 'em! -- larry bob’s legendary guide to all things queercore. A great resource for queer bands (check out his list of venues). — leave it to those lovely german ladies to create the uber dyke online resource. -- beautiful t-shirts, patches, etc. very DIY, just the way we like it :) -- cool wallets, belts and even guitar straps made be rebecca just for you -- beautiful fonts for free. this site makes us feel all warm inside -- the only news source you can trust. w/local coverage for the larger cities.