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'heart beats broken'

"Dare I say yummy? It’s tempting, but really, Lipkandy is so much more. The follow-up to 2001’s This Is Not A Love Song EP, this album has the potential to become a girl’s best friend. You know, the kind you can hang out with for at least a few months straight before she gets boring.

The sort of relationship you might have with Heart Beats Broken is just as passionate, desperate, and endearing as the ones Melissa and Melissa sing about on the record. “Shopping” channels the spirit of Bikini Kill with a critical eye on what, to many girls, really is the ultimate bonding experience -- a trip to the mall, where friends can “drink Orange Julius and feel alive.”

But Lipkandy is a queer-identified band, and though many of their lyrics can be interpreted as tales of chick friendship, these are really stories of lesbian love. “You were the homecoming queen / Now you follow me around,” a Melissa sings on “Small Town.” Rural claustrophobia and alienation are big themes here, as is the confusion that comes with any young coupling. The teen-angst-o-meter peaks on the delightfully bratty “Pity Fuck,” complete with a reference to “those people you sit with at lunch” -- but Hearts Beat Broken isn’t a juvenile album, no way. Cause just like your best friend, Lipkandy is sassy, fun and understanding. They know what you’re going through, and I bet if you called them up, they’d listen. Or, duh, just listen to them. Melissa and Melissa build hypnotic layers of melody as fulfilling as any heart-to-heart." -Andrea Benvenuto, Girlpunk

'this is not a love song'

"...harmonious and sensual vocals..." "...upbeat and aggressive (as any proper grrrls should be), they exemplify versatility and showcase their musical talent..." Katerina Herodotou, Venus Zine.

"If you want to piss off the girls in Lipkandy, call their music "cute". Although, I can't say I blame them for getting irritated at the reference. "Cute" is a word that should be reserved for puppies and little kids. This music is not "cute", it is queer indie pop rock in its finest form. The band is comprised of two lovely ladies who share the same first name (Melissa Sunshine and Melissa More) along with Chrisomatic, who you may be familiar with from Crowns on 45 and Pretty Pony. This 6 song EP is the kind of release that will make you smile, shed a tear and inspire you all at once. Each song embodies the kind of sincere passion so many artists lack these days. The lyrics have a personal edge that almost lead me to believe someone ripped the pages out of their diary and set them to music. It's pretty much impossible for me to pick one favorite track off of this release because I truely fell in love with each song to the point that they almost feel like my own. From the rock driven "Longway" to the dismal "Car Outside", the songs are amorous without every being generic or bitter. The cd is littered with sweet melodies and pop punk. If I must compare them, I would say that they are similar to Third Sex and Team Dresch. I swear to you, if you close your eyes you can literally hear every word, every guitar strum and every drum beat surge through your body. If this release doesn't move you, you must be dead." -Jessica O. Girlpunk.

"...a strong release that delivers on nearly every indie promise you could hope for" Ron Davies, Splendid Zine.

"Two queer Melissas make melodic pop punk as cute and sassy as their band's name." The Advocate's Picks for Fall.

"Awesome! Very rarely can I ever say that every song on a release is really great, but with every track on LipKandy's This Is Not A Love Song, I can honestly say that each song holds it's own. The fever starts earnestly with the first track "Long Way" is danceable and catchy with Bangles inspired vocals over solid punk drum beats. New York based LipKandy is Melissa More and Melissa S. They play fun, melodic tunes that are catchy and memorable. "Never Thought" is tender and ironic lyrically and is one of my favorite tracks. LipKandy reminds of tormented teenage love in "Car Outside": "Drinking beer on the hood of your car, talk about boys looking at the stars, I'm high strung don't like to be touched, you say that kiss didn't mean that much." All six songs on this first release are really good with a touch that leads me to believe that LipKandy have just begun to soar. Look for them in a city near you soon!" -- 2002 by Shani Heckman

on our performance at Ladyfest East: "LIPKANDY were great. The first part of their set was very catchy and tuneful: pop-py in a good way. Next, they played songs from their new album, which sounded a little retro-goth (also in a good way!) They showed range, but their set was sort of a waltz through styles of the past. Not meant a criticism—I like those styles!" -- eclectic grrrl tantalizing tales from eclectic grrrl, avra

LiPkAnDy Is EaRkAnDy once in a while, i will get a wild hair and buy something obscure. or i will be lucky enough to know kick ass people who will send me cds through the mail. and once in a while, those cds that i either buy or receive will rock my socks off. lipkandy is one of those cds. what little background i know of them is that they are from lexington, ky. i have checked out their website, but i can't get past the links page because there are so many great sites to check out. go their yourself! they are big buffy fans and are supporters of many great zines and gay/lesbian sites. how could you not love 'em? the duo consists of melissa m. and melissa s. unlike some grrrl bands were they are littered with jessicas and chrissys, you'll never forget their names. as for the music, they have a real old school grrrl band sound. if you heard them in the early 90's, you would figure they were yet another seattle band in the long line of seattle bands walking behind groups like bikini kill, l7 and the gits. however, like bikini kill or l7, they would stand out because of the honesty in their lyrics. songs about heartbreak and curiousty. about how life can really kick your ass when you're at your best. "no straight lines, the streets aren't paved." I think by far, my favorite song on the "this is not a love song" ep, is "car outside". just listening to the lyrics, i feel like someone watched a moment or two of my life and wrote a song about it all. it kind of pisses me off since i really dig the song, but it's hard to listen to. hearing lyrics like, "i missed the wrong signs, gave you my last dime, i get up you bring me down, i think i live for your frown." it makes me think of a face i haven't thought about for a while. the album as a whole flows so well and once you begin to listen to one song, you will end up listening all the way through. you can really identify with the lyric no matter what type of relationship you have been through. --