Lipkandy is pop rock electro indie grrrl punk post riot trash

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Once upon a time, the stars, probability waves, and fates converged making it possible for two Melissas to cross paths. One grew up on 40s movies and Siouxsie and the Banshees, the other was fighting her way out of small-town Kentucky armed with Hole albums and riot grrl zines. They met and then the guitars.

From their first lo-fi cassette release to their highly anticipated, guitar-driven electronically enhanced indie pop full-length, Lipkandy has always been a band in transition that somehow manages to stay true to its hard pop sensibility. And their new LP, Heart Beats Broken, is no exception: it is a refreshing and unapologetically eclectic jewel in a homogenous indie landscape of one-note bands. Lipkandy manages no less than the reinvention of the pop album, drawing on wildly divergent influences from 80's new wave and 90's post punk and riot grrl to hammer out a unique sound. Each song is an unforgettably catchy hit in its own right even as the album itself careens from pop rock throwdowns like "Shopping" and "Crashing" to bluesy screamers like "Equation" and "Found You" to melodic, melancholy love songs like "Leave the Sky" and "sorry so small". All of their songs, like the album itself are layered. The slower numbers are tinged with hope, sadness and longing and even a seemingly straight-ahead rocker like "Shopping" is a barely disguised rant about sexuality, feminism and our culture's fetishistic materialist obsession. With Lipkandy nothing is as simple as it seems.

Their blistering live sets are known for stirring the crowd into a frenzy and the addition of hard-hitting drummer, Jonathan Midkiff (Rabby Feber, The Vendors), to the touring lineup makes every show a must-see. "Our mission in life is to move the audience," says Melissa and if you've ever been to a show and watched the crowd jump and bounce to the energetic liptastic sound, you know lipkandy delivers.